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Our Services

Landmark Group in Pakistan takes outright possession of the projects we accomplish. Our group of onsite and offsite professionals wears multiple hats to determine the best promising market winning policies are installed over the project. We gather individual skill with marketplace needs and skilled opinion to stimulate and bring results on the projects we exert effort. We generate a wide chain of operations when marketing a project.

  • Bringing capability in getting land for any form of development and also assisting in buying the land site for progress.
  • Providing you the required information –environmental issues, zoning and market pricing, a right of access, ordinances, traffic counts, utilities, and demographics– all of this assists you make the accurate decision.
  • Determining the lowest cost and best conceivable use for the project site.
  • Contributing considerable relations with utility representatives, municipal authorities, and developers, zoning board members, political leaders and property owners.
  • With the approach to our database of latest transactions to define the price of land holdings.
  • Expanding presence by hitting qualified consumers and developers.
  • Improving our links with the brokerage community.
  • Exposing current and probable chances for land acquisitions.
  • Zealously consulting to give the best probable terms when it comes to buying or selling land.
  • Delivering required services such as Valuation Consulting, Debt and Equity Financing and Real Estate Tax Consulting/appeal and much more to keep your investment.

As a Real Estate Developers & Management Consultancy company in Pakistan, we firmly regard in the commencement of Project Features & Highlights Specification. If the lineaments are not pointed and highlighted, a project can never be achievable.

Every project is exclusive and even though elementary requirements of an end user stay persistent, still the further facilities can be somewhat which can generate or break any project development in real estate.

Our media planning is a champ of any other Real Estate project marketing company in Pakistan. From concepts to copywriting than prices, we are giving the best in this sphere. We offer the most composed media plans which retain the project in disclosure while also not imposing the extra burden to the project budget.

We own a complete span of Media Planning which grants us to generate the project as a “Word of Mouth”.

Our expertise in the field has facilitated us acquire that 4 main stakeholders are engaged when a media campaign has to be executed for a Real Estate Project Marketing campaign.

These are as follows:

  • Advertisers (Producing/Facility centered Companies)
  • Media & Marketing/Advertising Agencies
  • Media Proprietors (Newspaper houses, Radio stations, and Television )
  • Program Content Designers & Dealers
  • Web Development Team

After the successful completion of sales marketing of the projects our dedicated recovery staff takes position to ensure the complete sales recovery of the announced project to enable us to complete the development and construction of the said project hence making sure that we can deliver the project within the time frame as announced.

Our efficient teams of Development & Constructions make sure the smooth operations till the key deliverance to the end users or the buyers of the said/announced project.

After the key deliverance Landmark Group make sures the lifetime maintenance of the project to keep the project alive forever